Redesign for the cannabis enablers.

A strong brand presence for Cansativa .

Cansativa is probably one of the most exciting and promising start-ups of the last ten years in the highly volatile healthcare market. Founded in Hesse in 2017 by the Sons brothers, the company is already the market leader in the field of medical cannabis. Since being awarded the license by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) in August 2020, it is also the only company permitted to sell medical cannabis from German cultivation: the one-stop store for medical cannabis. All of this makes Cansativa a very interesting factor in a future legalized cannabis market - whenever it comes and in whatever form it may take. The US capital investor Casa Verde, which includes such illustrious shareholders as Snoop Dog, also saw this potential and invested in the Hessian family business. In short, the Cansativa Group is one of the leading designers in a developing market - and Schindler Parent is the agency that has been shaping the Group's visual identity since 2020.
No catalog like any other. The delivery list.
Flowers, extracts, isolates - everything pharmacies need to look out for when ordering: The Cansativa product catalog is 104 pages long and is an expression of seriousness and reliability. Informative and appealing at the same time, it picks up its target groups exactly where they purchase Cansativa products. Spot on.
Organic shapes. Natural colors. The new CD.
Cansativa works - the redesign develops the existing corporate identity and focuses on strong colors instead of pastel indeterminacy. The imagery shows the blossom, the careful cultivation and the lifestyle of the target group. Clear typography - Circular as the corporate font and Jakarta on the web - gets to the heart of Cansativa's message: We enable cannabis.
A good sign. For pharmacies. The blossom of goodness.
Nothing beats a successful partnership. Even in the developing market for medicinal cannabis. Perhaps especially there, because it is important to build trust and convey reliability. The sign of this: the quality flower. Depending on the scope of the partnership, it is available in gold, silver and bronze and identifies each participating pharmacy as a Cansativa partner.
  • The world is often enough divided into black and white. The Cansativa Group's new brand identity contrasts this with a vibrant pink and yellow. It was well received. Internally. Externally. In the social media. And with the partners and target groups, the pharmacies, who find in Cansativa precisely the partner that guarantees seriousness and reliability in this developing market with all its imponderables.