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The Lake Constance Region Healthcare Association is the largest care provider in the western Lake Constance region, and with over 3,600 employees, it is also the largest employer. The problem: They would like to take on even more staff. But how do you make a company appealing to potential applicants? And where do you find them? Or the other way around: Where do applicants look for jobs? Where would they come across the Lake Constance Region Healthcare Association? Lots of questions that the Lake Constance Region Healthcare Association has asked Schindler Parent to answer for them.
There are lots of ways to win over new employees. One of these ways is to show them which positions are available, introduce the people with whom potential applicants would be working and provide them with an impression of what the working environment would be like. The absolute best way of doing this is with a video.

And that is exactly what we did on together with our executive partner agency DER PUNKT. Short clips that show the clinics, introduce the departments and let the people that work there have their say. Extraordinarily open and appealing.

Just one click from the clip to making an application.

You really can’t make it any easier for applicants. People who find the Lake Constance Region Healthcare Association on by looking in their region and professional field of choice and like what they see in the clips can simply click on the contact page to find their point of contact. It doesn’t get any easier than that. And the first click statistics are very promising.
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Christoph Siwek

Creative Consulting / Group Head Text