Hirsch on the Road again.

A promotional film for all those who love beer.


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Anyone visiting the Hirschbrauerei Honer will see the promotional film before getting a tour of the company. Nevertheless, it wasn’t always quite so contemporary. When Hirsch came to us, the production date of this film was quite some years back. It needed something new. Something that would show the down-to-earth nature of the brand, rooted in the region. The film should be less about providing information and more about touching you on an emotional level. Did we have an idea for it – and if so, did we want to write the storyboard for it? Of course, we wanted to.
How do you accommodate the best regional raw materials, partnerships, love of the country and its people, and the skilled art of brewing beer and bring them all into the one finished product? The best way is to experience what is so special about it. And so we took this experience out on the road: As a road movie that starts first thing in the morning in the brewery’s courtyard in the upper Danube valley, passes through the heartland of the brand and then ends up full circle back at the brewery. Interspersed by short informative clips about the history, staff and individual brewing stages.

The story: Hirsch sends out an invitation to the brewery’s festivities – and everyone comes.

The barley and hop suppliers, the landlords and, of course, its customers. The journey takes you through the Danube Valley to Tettnang by Lake Constance and into the Black Forest. Along the way, the film showcases the quality of the raw ingredients and the connection with the partners, who are invited to the party.

The climax and end of the film is the party that gives the film its name. The heroes of the film are the Hirsch CEO Hubert Hepfer and Head of Marketing Romäus Retzbach, who stoically tour through the countryside in silence – in style, in the heavy-duty Hirsch short-nosed truck, painted red and squeaky clean, as if Hirsch had ordered it but left it still in the garage.

Compliments to Rudi Zisterer, the videographer from the leading agency KMS. He captured unique images and set them to the perfect backing track. We had made clear specifications for filming: Hirsch is down-to-earth. That affects the perspective – close to ground level, no drone flights. On one location, Rudi didn’t keep to this rule and by minute 2:20 he had actually smuggled in an aerial shot. Thank you for that: It is fantastic.

Hirsch has gone down well. It will soon be on regional television.

People like the film. Online. On Facebook, on YouTube and with customers and partners, who see the film when they come to visit the brewery. And indeed, it is so good that Hirsch are now considering TV advertisements. The material for it is there. And we also have more ideas.
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