Naturally wild.

Launch Campaign for Kitz.

Hirschbrauerei Honer has long been toying with the idea of launching an organic spritzer worthy of the name. Now it has introduced not just one but two varieties as well as a cola-mix. The question was: whom to put on the launch campaign - and what to call the baby. Firstly, Schindler Parent - and the primary thing we did was giving Hirsch's non-alcoholic organic soft drinks a name that we think is appropriate: Kitz. The new: baby buck Bambi.
Kitz - that is fresh local organic fruit. From trees that yield their fruit in the open air. Just like in the old days: a vintage look was the obvious choice for the labels. But quite honestly: only when you've come up with it. The new-look presents the old favorite with a playful modern twist. Cheeky headlines target Hirsch-lovers who are looking for something sparklingly refreshing for their children or themselves. But they also appeal to anyone who loves organic products, even if they don't associate Hirsch with that at first.

In the background, dark forest and green foliage ensure the best readability and a downright luminous display of the individual containers for Kitz Apple, Kitz Apple-Pear, Kitz Apple-Pear-Currant, and Kitz Mix, the cola-mix.
  • "What can we say? We are extremely satisfied."

    "After all, we've been with Schindler Parent for 15 years now. And we do indeed notice how the communication is received on the market."

    Hubert Hepfer, Managing Director Hirschbrauerei Honer