One theBUDDY for life.

The Theben partnership concept.


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Many companies have one – and now Theben does too: theBUDDY is the partnership concept for installation firms which seek to automate buildings with a simple system and good service performance. The programme offers great advantages and we have been tasked with communicating them.
We have developed two card sets for Theben’s theBUDDY partnership concept. One for electricians, one for the salesforce. One gives the installer good reasons to embark on the partnership. The other helps the Theben salesforce keep their objectives in sight: who Theben is looking for, who the partnership is suitable for, which advantages it offers and what Theben, the partners and the sales team can gain from it. There was also a folder, an image concept, which places the installer at the centre, as well as all of the documentation which is essential: agreements, guarantee promises, forms and personalised brochures.

The sales team is enthusiastic.

At the sales conference held in June, the partnership concept was presented to the target group who must be convinced of it – even before any potential theBUDDYs: the sales division. The sales team was visibly enthusiastic about it and promptly proved how easy it is to work with – in stand-up sales discussions which were acted out based on the card sets during the conference in teams of two. This not only got a lot of laughs, but made for a highly motivated sales launch, as the product will be launched to market with immediate effect.
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