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The Gesundheitsverbund Landkreis Konstanz (GLKN) is the largest care provider in the western Lake Constance region, and with over 3,600 employees, it is also the largest employer. In addition to the clinics in Singen and Lake Constance, the hospitals in Radolfzell and Stühlingen are also part of the association, on top of numerous medical care centres. Training is an important topic. Nobody likes to hear the keyword ‘healthcare crisis’ – but it’s on everyone’s lips.

Not only because fewer and fewer nurses are having to look after more and more patients. It’s also because younger generations are no longer going into healthcare. Care is out. Nothing makes sense anymore. We just have to make it clear. This was the specific task given to us by GLKN: to develop a brochure which really appeals to schoolchildren and young people who are choosing their profession, as it speaks their language.
There is something fulfilling about healthcare and paediatrics because you work with children, but it is also challenging as it is not easy to give courage to sick children. Caregiving is challenging but meaningful as we may all rely on it at some point. Whatever aspect we consider: Healthcare professions are responsible and cannot be performed without above-average commitment.

This traineeship brochure we have developed puts this in words. The language is very informal, but without being too grovelly or in your face. It speaks to schoolchildren and young people in a familiar manner without being matey.

And it shows what is required of them at work: Care situations in a real environment instead of posed group shots intended to conjure up team spirit.

A new image. Not only for trainees – for the entire association.

A brochure has been created which not only appeals to trainees but which features all of the GLKN employees. With a new look, a stylish layout, imagery and a colour scheme which portray the healthcare association as more modern, fresh and open.
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Christoph Siwek

Creative Consulting / Group Head Text