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The Red Dot Gala 2022 in Berlin's Konzerthaus.

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Red Dot - Red Carpet: We Were There.

Red Dot Award 2022 - Impressions.

On October 28, this year's Red Dot Award ceremony took place in Berlin's Konzerthaus. The first highlight of the evening: The red carpet that led up almost 50 steps to the entrance of the building. It was an extraordinary ascent – for exceptional award winners. We were there again this year for the KITZ launch campaign, which we designed for our longstanding client, HIRSCH.

The Beginning of a Very Special Evening

The evening got off to an impressive start: Upon entering the concert hall, one could already see excerpts of the winning designs. After a few minutes, Professor Dr Peter Zec, CEO and initiator of the Red Dot Award, appeared to guide the guests through the programme and after a short speech, he introduced the jury. Along with Professor Zec, three of the 24 jurors were to receive the award winners throughout the evening: Damon Aval, Janping He, and Jean Jacques Schaffner took turns to present one-third of the trophies each.

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Versatile in Every Aspect.

The guests came from around the world, and nearly 30 nations were present at the award ceremony. The awards themselves were also diverse. Dozens of categories such as "Rebranding," "Website," "Special Publications," "Advertising Illustration," "Flagship Store," and many more reflected the full spectrum of the design industry.

We were part of the "Brand and Communication Design" category, and although we didn't get to be on stage, we did get in front of the camera. The result: A photo of beaming winners. And we even secured ourselves a place on the "tag wall" – quite old-school and with a sharpie.

From Eye Opener to Bottle Opener – The Endless Possibilities of the Design World.

In addition to technical innovations and outstanding design ideas, this year's winning products focused on social and environmental motifs. We thought the social campaign "Closed Eyes" was particularly impressive, that draws attention to war victims in Ukraine. It was nice to see that such topics received a platform, while some even appeared in the "Red Dot: Grand Prix" category. Design can be more than just marketing - but that doesn't mean the latter is less worthy of an award. After all, we proved it ourselves: With a brand design that excites the senses - in the truest sense of the word.

A Solemn Ending.

After the many awards, the exciting content, and extensive applause, the party mood finally spread to all the guests. At the after-show party, there were drinks, snacks and lots of good conversations with award winners from various fields. After that much concentrated creativity, we felt inspired – and inspiring. After all, we were there for a reason: as Red Dot Award winners for the KITZ launch campaign, which made quite the impression. We sincerely thank HIRSCH for their trust and are already looking forward to the new year!


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