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OMR Festival 2023.

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A look at the future of marketing.

Us, as guests at the OMR Festival 2023.

Last week, a team from Schindler Parent attended OMR, one of the largest marketing conferences in Europe. The event brought together some of the brightest and most renowned minds in the industry, inspiring and imparting (expert) knowledge that will undoubtedly shape the future of digital marketing.

One topic in particular stood out: the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the marketing industry - from chatbots to predictive analytics: AI is changing the way campaigns can be personalised and strategies optimised. As was also confirmed in the conversations at the stands, artificial intelligence is already integrated into the majority of the everyday work of many companies.

And the "brand purpose" was also hotly debated: It is no longer enough for brands to simply sell products or services; they must stand for something meaningful. Consumers are now actively looking for brands that align with their values and make a positive contribution to society. As an agency, we have a responsibility to help our clients authentically define and communicate their brand's purpose in order to create emotional connections and build long-term loyalty.

Social media, as we all know, is a driving force in the marketing landscape. However, the discussions at the OMR Festival reached a whole new level: the rise of platforms such as TikTok and the constantly evolving algorithms and trends show the intricacies of each platform. Here, engaging content strategies need to be developed and social media used as a powerful tool to connect brands and build communities. The central anchor here is "unhinged content".

These three pillars - artificial intelligence, brand purpose and social media - are undoubtedly shaping the future of marketing.

Kudos to the organisers of the OMR Festival for putting together an exceptional event that brought together such a diverse and inspiring community.


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