Alle Facetten der Kreation bei Schindler Parent

If You Want to Catch Someone, You Have to Touch Them.

We Create Touching Moments at Every Point of Contact.


Every aspect of creation with Schindler Parent.

The brand becomes the red thread. With it, we knit the entire collection.

Clever design is not made from good taste. But from the brand.

A strong brand also must inspire people online. For that, you just have to add 1 and 0.

Diamonds are produced under pressure. Brands are produced in print.

Brands can be turned into an experience. If communication succeeds to fascinate people within a certain space, it's always at the right place at the right time: On people's minds.

You have a strong brand. We can let people know.

When a package is taken from the shelf to be added to the display cabinet at home - then it must be brilliant.

Why not present you brand on people's eardrums? Or would you prefer something with a little more retina?

Corporate Identity & Corporate Design

When we position your brand, we develop your corporate values and design your corporate identity – simultaneously considering your self-conception and your guiding principles – the corporate design being more than just a symbol of that, more than just a visual expression. The corporate design is the brand. And thus, it is also one of the focal points of our work.

The strength and recognition of the brand determines the design. That’s why typography, colour, and imagery have to convey the brand’s core message – across all products, all means of communication, and all channels. The corporate design ensures successfully positioning your corporate identity on the market.



That internet thing will probably prevail. We’re quite sure about that. That’s why we deliver the entire package for your success online. Whether it’s a new website, a ground breaking app, or an improved search engine ranking – we assist you with the necessary expertise.

We have extensive knowledge in the field of digital conceptualisation and have been Google-certified multiple times – including our creative staff. That is also true for content marketing, Hubspot, and Brandmaker. In addition, we can always draw on many proven specialists at each stage of the process. In this way, we ensure a consistent brand presence, also in all digital areas.



Paper is a matter that is truly dear to our hearts, here, at Schindler Parent. We have been operating for decades worldwide, for the most prestigious brands in the industry. All this time has taught us one thing: The possibilities of paper as a material are immense – and far from being exhausted. That’s why, even in a time of apps and clouds, we rely on print.

A good paper appeals to all senses. Brochures, books, and mailings convey the particular feeling of a brand in a way that is still unparalleled. Therefore, it is still true: If something is important, it needs to be printed. We know exactly how, on what, and in which format.


Events & Trade Fairs

Brands need their space to develop. We design these spaces – for international fairs or specifically organised events. From the idea to the implementation – we coordinate the entire process for you.

Whether it’s a booth, an installation, a fashion show, a pop-up, a vernissage, a factory opening, or the full package – we deliver creative concepts that will inspire you. When implementing our ideas, we always work with absolute specialists.

With our spatial communication, your brand will not only find its place in national and international media coverage. But more importantly in people’s memory.


Public Relations & Media

We know what content we need to place to shine a light on your brand. We also know where to place it to keep your brand in the spotlight.

As part of your communication strategy, we create PR texts and other editorial content. Alternatively, we take care of the conceptual part and coordinate any further cooperation with our specialized partners worldwide. Then, we precisely record it in your media plan, so you know where we publish your articles.


Point-of-Sale & Packaging

It is important to convince customers at the point of sale. The decisive moment is always the first time a customer comes into contact with a product. The brand needs to be eye-catching.

We design labels, packaging, or displays that convey a brand’s core message – to make sure customers do not miss their products in the future. We closely work with the leading packaging manufacturers to keep in touch with the latest trends.


Film, Radio & Television

It’s our passion to move people. To accomplish that, we gladly use moving images. We have created and directed numerous image films, product videos, and spots that allow viewers to experience brands and products. We maintain excellent contacts with outstanding directors, producers, cameramen, and camerawomen. Now it’s up to you whether you want to create a favourite film starring your brand.

We also start with people’s ears when trying to reach an audience. Radio advertising goes directly into the minds of people. The effect that a good radio spot can have for brands is often underestimated. In cooperation with renowned recording studios and speakers, we take care of scoring your brand.