31 advent calendar doors and one big surprise.
Ho, ho, ho - St. Nicholas was here.

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Our SP Santa Claus party - a Christmas goodie bag filled to the brim.

A look back at the exciting and contemplative evening on December 6.

We started with hot mulled wine and punch by a crackling log fire on the terrace of the Haltnau vineyard. While we were still sipping the sweet drink with relish from our cups, our management was immediately challenged a little: 4 pictures - 1 employee. But the game was over quickly: the three of them combined well, interpreted correctly and guessed all 12 SP employees, who were described quite accurately in creative collages - well done. And then it was our turn: 4 pictures - 1 customer. After all, we know our customers well and know what they stand for and what makes them special.

After the quick guessing rounds, it was off into the warmth to find our seats: Our employee portraits showed us the way, complemented by charming red bobble hats - specially designed and well-placed by our hard-working DHBW student.



After some chatting and a starter salad, cream of pumpkin soup, char fillet, pepper steak or winter bowl later, we happily sang the eponymous St. Nicholas song with lively guitar accompaniment - and lo and behold, it worked: suddenly there was a knock on the door and St. Nicholas entered with his heavy crosier. Accompanied by a mild-mannered, rather peaceful Knecht Ruprecht, himself laden with a large sack of presents. One by one, the bearded man called management and consulting, the digital team, project management and finally creation to the front, spoke wise words and then wanted to hear a poem or song. Luckily for us, the karaoke versions of Driving Home for Christmas, All I Want For Christmas Is You & Co. were ready to play on the system, each with an individually rewritten chorus. So we warbled along with gusto: our vocal performances completely delighted Santa and Ruprecht. One by one, we received our filled sacks as a reward, not knowing what magnificent gifts awaited us that evening. Because as soon as the busy Christmas duo moved on, our management gave us a really big Christmas surprise. Just this much: the joy was great - we will be happy to share it with you in the new year.



Anyone who thought the presents were finally over at this point was wrong. Because there was still almost an hour of gift-giving ahead of us. After a heavenly cinnamon dessert, the oracular Advent calendar with XXL shoebox doors was waiting to give us all sorts of presents. At the beginning of the evening, everyone had drawn a number ticket: Now it was time to open the corresponding door. Elaborately organized and extremely entertainingly presented, our customer advisor Clemens celebrated the big unboxing show Nikolaus Edition. A wide variety of contents were revealed: From sausages and potato salad to baking mixes, DVDs, home-brewed spirits, a psychoanalysis and marbles through to a very thin mini Christmas tree including a ball of tinsel. Also mixed in: small tasks, assignments for the next quarter and not-so-easy challenges - but those who mastered them received one or two sun-ripened clementines from Italy on top.



Cheerful and packed, we sat together for a while and let the evening draw to a close; already looking forward to the new year and the next, hopefully equally exciting and beautiful Christmas party. Many thanks to everyone who made this year's event possible and helped shape it: to the entire organizing team and those who invested a lot of time and effort in preparing this evening and, of course, to the GF for the invitation and for what is soon to come. Pssst.



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Christoph Siwek

Creative consultant / Head of Text