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The top 10 web design trends of 2015


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  1. Responsive Design Is a Must!
    Responsive design has become the standard in web design in recent years. Not least because of the steadily increasing number of mobile users. With an upward trend!
  2. Ghost Buttons
    Does a bigger and catchier button raise the click rate? Buttons used to present themselves as prominent objects within a web design. In 2015, there’s a more subtle way. Apple goes ahead, and we all follow – Ghost buttons conquer web design.
  3. Focus on Typography
    Up until now, the focus in typography was on user friendly legibility whereas its design was secondary. In 2015, typography is newly discovered in web design and presents itself as the salt in the soup, an indispensable design element.
  4. Large, Beautiful Background Images & Videos
    Strong and elegant, they make a statement that is striking and on point. That works best with luminous, large-scale images and videos. No wonder this trend has caught on.
  5. Scrolling Over Clicking
    Scrolling, zooming, swiping – in just the past three years, the number of mobile users has increased by almost 50%. The parallax design was developed to meet this inevitable trend. This trend is continuing. Scrolling is still above clicking.
  6. Card Design Will Continue
    Card design is old news, Pinterest has been using it for years. It’s great for keeping things modular or rearranging them without slowing down data speed. And on top of that, this design animates the user to keep scrolling to discover more. In any case, there will be more of this in 2015.
  7. Flat Design Grows Up to Become Material Design
    Flat design has also been around for several years. But in contrast to some short-lived trends, this one has prevailed and evolved. It became material design. It’s already being hyped by Google as the new design for mobile users. Flat design with its subtle colour gradients, layers, and animations creates a feeling of a material world. (Physical space and objects). We can’t wait to see how this trend will develop.
  8. Microinteraction
    The beautiful term interaction is already contained in the word. In 2015, the focus lies on user experiences. What are microinteractions? There are moments or experiences to be had on a product page such as a box popping up, through which the email address is asked for a special add-on (PDF download, newsletter, sweepstakes, special offers, or an infopackage). And why all that? To increase user interaction.
  9. Interactive Storytelling
    Interactive storytelling makes for a very elegant trend. Of course that does not mean that every single page has to tell a story. Rather, it’s about the look, the values, and the beliefs of a brand, which should also be reflected on the website. A big trend!
  10. Personalised UX
    Cookies. Upon hearing this word, users rather think of clearing their cache than of experiencing positive moments. This trend now tries to use cookies to provide the user with content that is actually relevant to them. Just like for example YouTube and some reputable shopping portals do it with their “recently viewed” tool bar.We compiled the top 10 web design trends in 2015 for you. For an overview with recent examples, please download the free PDF.

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