Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow.

New brand image for the Bern-based teachers’ pension scheme.


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Please make perception fit reality and turn the organisation into a brand. We want to re-brand in a way that will highlight our expertise and self-awareness.
Yesterday – today – tomorrow

As Switzerland’s oldest pension provider, the government-backed pension fund has until been very reticent to promote itself, as it has had many highs and lows over the years. This is all set to change, with a new image to celebrate its 200-year anniversary.
Equipped with a state-of-the-art management system it is high time to boost the scheme’s self-awareness and show it to be a competent leader.

New perspectives along the axis of time

The 200-year anniversary will provide an opportunity to look back, as well as forwards into the future. Using 3D pictures from the Bernese Oberland these different perspectives were brought to life to impressive effect, with a fresh pair of colours selected for best results.

The moving, dynamic nature of the progressive logo reflects and reinforces its future focus. Hopefully for the next 200 years ...
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Michael Meier