Rega – the pride of Switzerland.

How to modernise a brand image without attracting attention.


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"To reinforce the existing image of a professional aid organisation, a national treasure and traditional pioneering brand, without bringing the change to the public eye."
Typically Swiss

The brand identity of Swiss Air Rescue has changed constantly over the years as a result of situational and evolutionary adaptations to its fleet and its communications. The graphic element, a combination of the Swiss and the Red Cross, stands for the traditional values of reliability and solidarity, which we originally designed to identify its helicopters. Over time, it has been increasingly adopted for other purposes. A uniform brand is to be crowned by a new logo that integrates seamlessly into the overall image.

A new logo ... and no-one notices a thing.

The introduction of the logo coincided with the arrival of the first in a new generation of jets. In all the hype, it went virtually unnoticed that this was also accompanied by a new logo. Rega is delighted, we can’t help but sigh. Still: we asked for it.
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Michael Meier