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Content marketing for the incontinence product femifree.


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The Irish company Bio Medical Research Ltd develops and sells electro-stimulation products to relieve pain, to build muscles – and to treat incontinence. The challenge: even though one in three women are affected by incontinence at some time in their lives, at least temporarily, maybe when older or after a pregnancy – very few talk about it. What’s more, many resign themselves to their fate and have to make do with pure symptom treatment through the use of sanitary towels. Our mission was to break the taboo and develop a marketing strategy for the new femifree electrostimulation device.
femifree is distributed exclusively via the internet. So there was nothing more obvious than to address the target group (women after pregnancy or menopause) in a targeted way – with a content marketing strategy that does not advertise the product, but rather points out solutions to a problem that the affected persons do not talk about, but which they come across on the websites that correspond to their online behaviour.

First, based on CSF studies, we defined relevant topics such as “the most common forms of bladder weakness”, “gentle impulses as an effective incontinence treatment”, “more carefree sex despite bladder weakness” or simply “menopause”. As media channels, we identified portals such as or, to which we led the target group via Google Adwords. And of course, there was also a femifree Facebook page to match.

The affected women were addressed online via advertorials, newsletters, PR articles and an e-booklet. The measures were accompanied offline in a Brigitte Woman special issue on the topic of menopause.


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 

A Facebook reach of 345,258

Within the first two months, 345,258 affected people came into contact with femifree on Facebook, the e-booklet received 146,625 page views, and around 25,000 women received the newsletter. In addition, there was an amazing response to Earned PR, e.g. in BTA Magazine, in Brigitte Mom or in “Eltern” (parents).

This helped the market launch of femifree in Germany, UK and France to be a great success. Due to the demand, in 2016 BMR decided to market the product to men too under the name INNOVO®. Meanwhile, femifree is also being marketed under this brand name. More at:
More information is available from:

Michael Meier

Managing Director