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No more fears regarding electrosurgery.

KLS Martin’s maXium® smart C brochure.


High-frequency surgery initially sounds very complicated. Many types of current, many parameters, all of which have to be set correctly, to ensure that everything goes smoothly during surgery. Even physicians with a doctorate can find this intimidating. Not with KLS Martin. The Tuttlingen-based Group has replaced its already ingeniously simple electrosurgical unit maXium® with maXium® smart C, whose innovative touch screen makes intuitive operation even easier. But how do we communicate that to the target group?

We have shone a limelight on the surgeon, and made him look good. And he really does look great – thanks to the maXium® smart C. The brochure shows the surgeon and his assistants highly focussed during surgery, where every move has to be perfectly executed.

The focus is on the patient. Everything else is subordinate to this task. And the high-frequency device helps to achieve this.

The brochure combines the emotionality of the situation with the clarity of the product information. With a touch of simplicity, the brochure thus shows how intuitive electrosurgery can be.

Incredibly exciting design.

The brochure impressed the decision makers by making the target group look like heroes: after all, if you can showcase surgeons like that, you are bound to get their attention. KLS Martin took over the design and the sales department was very satisfied with it. With the maXium® smart C, KLS is dedicating itself to promoting health – just like a surgical team. 

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Jörg Bluhm

Creative Direction
joerg.bluhm (at) schindlerparent.de