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Metabo builds power tools. Established for almost 100 years, the Swabian company has made a name for itself in more than 100 countries. The task was to help the brand gain more popularity and consideration among the trade target group. The same applies for the DIY target group, since the discerning DIYer now tends to align him/herself with professionals. No easy undertaking from one of the few truly full-range providers on the market.
With the revision of the entire corporate design, another task at hand was the repositioning of the brand. Metabo has always positioned itself as a trade brand. However, this image has been diluted by the increasing sales expansion into DIY markets. We wanted to react to this because it simply doesn’t correspond to the development status of the Metabo machinery. We revised the entire brand under the central message “Metabo – dort, wo es drauf ankommt.” [Metabo – right where it matters].

There are only few power tool manufacturers that are consistently interested in matters of DIY and that have accepted the requirements of professionals worldwide. And therefore it is hardly surprising that in areas where no failure is acceptable, people rely on the green machines by Metabo – on the hardest building site in the world.

The media concept focusses on DIY and trade. Thus the media selection included special interest titles in DIY, as well as titles that correspond to the preferences of many customers. In short: football and cars.


Michael Meier
Managing Director

In Front When It Matters.

Alongside the market leader Bosch, Metabo was able to consolidate its role as a global player and full-range provider. More: Metabo is a European leader in the high-revenue fields of fixing technology and metalworking. Metabo was able to establish itself in the highly competitive woodworking market through all sorts of new developments and successful promotions.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director
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