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Corner With Character.

Mo's Corner.


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motan was originally looking for a name for a column in which complex procedural steps of materials handling are broken down and explained clearly in international specialist magazines for the plastics industry. Basically an absolutely normal naming job. We delivered something that has long not just been well received in the press - and that is far more than just PR-based sales support: mo's Corner.
Plastics production and processing is a broad topic. Materials handling is a subject that calls for an explanation. Our customer motan has extensive know-how in this field. The company's goal is to provide its customers with the best service in the industry. That was the starting point for our naming process.


From the outset, we placed the task in the broader context of service partnership and were looking for a name that expresses more than just a category under which specialist articles can be published. We wanted to create a contact point that motan can not only use as a sender of messages, but as an invitation from the brand for dialogue and exchange with customers.


We developed the name mo's Corner – whereby corner refers to the column on the corner in the newspaper grid. The shortening of the company name Motan to mo introduces a personalisation of the brand, and to a certain extent any employee who is in touch with a customer - whether they work in sales or service - becomes mo, a partner and friend with whom one can talk, with whom one is on a first-name basis. mo offers storytelling around materials handling and will itself become an instrument of brand management.

The strategy worked. And not just in the newspaper format.


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text

mo's corner is the Corner for Value-Added Communication.

mo's corner is a good example for sales consulting. But more than that for value selling. Initially conceived as argumentation support for sales and service, mo evolved and is now omnipresent on all channels. Not only in specialist magazines internationally, but also in the motan News and on the motan website. At the motan booth, mo's corner has become an integral part – a bar for informal advice.

Meanwhile motan even shows mo in product films. All columns are available on the Internet via social media. Content marketing that successively grows and gradually becomes more circulated. Regardless of all the detailed questions on materials handling, mo and mo's corner most importantly deliver one thing: Added value for customers. Information that nobody else offers in this form.

In short: With mo and mo's Corner we created a character and a contact point that positions motan as a partner for their customers in terms of service and know-how – congenial and approachable.
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Michael Meier