for the Plastics Industry.

motan News Customer Magazine.


Plastics production and processing is a fascinating topic. And one that requires explanation. Especially when it comes to materials handling. Or to storage and drying, conveying, dosing and mixing of granulates, pellets and powders. Our client Motan has instructed us to create a medium that not only shows the complexity of the topic but that also works as an instrument of customer care: The conception, development, and support of an international customer magazine. We delivered the Motan News.

Reports from sales regions, customer stories, interviews with partners, short news and complex facts simply explained – The editorial concept of Motan News offers corporate publishing in a form of communication that adds value.

Corporate publishing via multichannel

Frequent information to the best customers in the world: The ones Motan already has. Customer care through storytelling. International, Multilingual - Everything from a Single Source. Delivered by mail, via e-mail, and available at any time on the website. Multichannel.   

We have thus simultaneously created the basis for Motan content marketing, as the content is increasingly being used online.

Twice a year, with a circulation of 14,500 copies in nine languages, shipped to over 100 countries.

Since 2010 motan News have been published in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, and Chinese. It is shipped globally – also as PDF via e-mail. Schindler Parent carried out all of the processing, from designing the basic concept, editing and creating, to realisation, production, print, lettershop, and dispatch.

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