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Sappi-Storytelling for successful communication on the issue of sustainability.


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Sappi Europe commissioned us to revise and enhance its internal and external communication on the topic of sustainability. They already had a whole load of data and information but no clear communication strategy on the issue of sustainability. A majority of the most important and most interesting facts were hidden behind a wall of technical terms and reams of figures.
Behind every sustainable development of Sappi is a human being – a person, taking responsibility. Someone who cares about their company and the environment. And this person is not an executive, but a normal employee. Someone who is known to his or her colleagues. Someone with a vision.

These are the stories, that we tell to communicateSappi’s sustainability- pure storytelling at its finest.

Facts and figures are necessary. But the stories and the people behind the facts and endless figures are much more interesting. And much easier to understand too.

True sustainability is not a management decision. It is a bottom-up-story, to which every employee lends a hand. This is how Sappi achieves eco-efficiency.

Yes, I care. Yes, we care. Yes, Sappi cares.

Sappi. Eco. Effective.


Michael Meier
Managing Director


Agnes Pilar
Project Management


Michael Barthelme
Group Head Art


Jessica Holly
Communication Design

Yes, I care. Everyone lends a hand and sales score.

We disseminate Sappi’s sustainability stories using flyers, posters and online. The stories were so well-received in-house that many employees submitted their own ideas and the number of stories about sustainable development more than doubled in no time.

And the sales department was also delighted with the stories, which served to communicate the topic of sustainability in a credible, understandable and likeable way.

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Michael Meier
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
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