Icons On Ikono.

A marking campaign for Zanders cult-favourite pape.


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How can a fading cult-favourite product be revived – especially if the product in question is art paper? Zander’s ikono paper, in fact? The paper manufacturer, which was founded in 1829 in Bergisch Gladbach and has since merged with the Finnish fresh-fibre cardboard manufacturer Metsä Board, commissioned us in 2001 to bring an iconic art paper back to life: ikono. We realized immediately that the best person for the job would be someone who understood art – an artist.
Paper can only speak for itself. It can only prove its print qualities in print. And as art paper it must be accepted by those who would create upon it: by artists and their publishers.

Thus we addressed some of the most creative minds in art, design and architecture: for example, celebrated architect Zaha Hadid, John Warwicker, member of the design group tomato or the virtual reality artist, Diane Gromalla, to name but a few.

We asked them to commit their icons to paper. And they all did.


Michael Meier
Managing Director

Title: Artistic value.

The campaign ran for two years. Right from the start, the reaction of the target group was extremely positive and put the name ‘ikono’ back on everyone’s lips – at the time. It was also honoured within the industry: It appeared in the Annals of Advertising, among other places. But in the end, even that couldn’t save ikono – its production was too expensive, it was no longer compatible with product policy, and ikono coated art paper was removed from the company’s portfolio in 2004. But the icons printed on ikono still look great.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director
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